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Sight Security is the new name for the Intercept Security Corporation, showing our new focus.

Reason for Sight Security and why it will be profitable.

Mike Macdonald spent 20 years building one of the largest alarm companies in Alberta, Intercept, which installed over 15,000 systems. Mike also has years over 15 years experience in the oil industry.  It is Mike’s belief that existing equipment is “Me too” and does not meet his customer’s needs.   Further, Mike found that supporting systems with upwards of 10 to 1,000 maintenance points, especially those in remote areas, was troublesome and expensive for the client to both install and maintain.  

The Virtual Fence is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new industry that deals with bigger systems with fewer maintenance points.  The addition of ground radar in an affordable maintainable package is a game changer.

Mike Macdonald sold because he saw a big changes coming in the business.

The death of standard phone lines ( POTS)

In December 2009 AT&T reported to the FCC that 700,000 POTS lines are being cut each month (it is seeking out ways of phasing out ‘Relics Of A By-Gone Era’). It’s not a matter of if, but when POTS go. There’s 700,000 lines going down a month. If you do the math, that’s 8 million a year. In a few more years there won’t be any more land lines.

An increasing reluctance of the authorities to respond to unverified alarms

If your front door opens and you are not at home is this really a police matter?

The Security industry is using public services (Police, Fire and EMT) eventually the public is going to wake up and smell the roses. The subsidy of security by public services will be reduced. We are seing that now and have tried other solutions. Switching to private guard services was not an adequate solution - they just do not cut it.

The only thing I can see staying unverified is fire alarms. False alarms should only get one shot and stays off line till somebody qualified checks it out.

Videofied is an example of a product that will correct the security verifications for the future.

Public buildings with fire response adhering to a regulated engineered procedure (like ULC) is the only applicable long-term solution for fire alarms.

Security systems are monitored primarily by third parties unaware of the site context.

It is very difficult for the standard user to be involved directly in their security they have to wait for a third party to react. This was great in the past but current realities demand more.

The world is changing and people using (and expect to use) smart devices

Subscribers can accept video anywhere in the world 24 hours per day. People and companies are more in touch and demand more than what is offered by a traditional alarm company selling traditional equipment.

Over 90 % of Intercept’s equipment was incompatible with this technology, requiring expensive upgrades.

I want to be part of this future

Given these changes, I changed the name of Intercept Security to Sight Security Corporation to better reflect the future.

Sight Security is formed on the following principals:

“Seeing is believing”

Since 1639 it has been known that "only physical or concrete evidence is convincing" and now it’s time the Security Industry got it right.

If your front door opens and you are not at home it is not a police mater. But if your front door opens and someone you do not know enters your home or business without your permission with bad intentions, it is a police matter.

Sight Security solves these issues by only selling security systems that enable video verification of alarms.

POTS Phone lines are dead

Sight Security will not use standard phone lines as a communication path as they will be gone within a few years. Any investment in security based on their use is not long term. Internet with cell back up is the future.

Self-Monitoring is the way of the future

Sight Security will only sell systems that allow the purchaser to be “the master of his or her own response”. With Videofied, this still involves a monitoring station. I love the SIMS app and want to expand it to the end users as a way to self-monitor and not utilize a “monitoring station”.


Love the SIMS tech App and I assume the user App is as friendly I really think once we get this in corporate hands and allow them to control their own destiny ( Keyholders, last 10 events , Video from Videofied putting things on test ) it will be very hard for any other station not using something this simple to takeover.



Is the largest user of the SIMS monitoring software in the world. Yes self-monitoring of Burg ( Not Fire) is the way of the future but what can be sold is the interface and signal reception from the panels.

Internet and making it simple for the end user

This is where it is at. If the product does not interface correctly with the internet, then drop it. Customers will always have access to internet issue will be amount of data through put allowed

People are expensive, equipment is not

It is better to have a few smart people than lots of non-committed people we need to focus on products that are supportable with less staff.

Seeing is believing. 



Sight Security is the new name for Intercept Security